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General Conditions

1. The vendor

The webshop Pure Fragrance is property of Dauby nv with headquarters in 2160 Wommelgem, Uilenbaan 86, 0032 3 354 16 86, company number BE 0416 614 010.

2. Application

When the client confirms his online order, he declares to agree with these general conditions. Dauby nv reserves the right to change these general conditions and the website, without informing the client about this personally and without the possibility of the client claiming compensation or settlement. Therefore the client should verify if no changes intervened. Only Belgian right is applicable on this website. All disputes will be exclusively be submitted to the authorized court, if not obligatorily prescribed otherwise by law. This court will be determined by Dauby nv.

3. Descriptions and photos on www.purefragrance.be

Dauby nv works hard to make sure that all information made available is complete, correct, accurate and up to date. Despite these efforts, inaccuracies could occur in the available information. If the available information contains inaccuracies or if certain information on or by the way of the website is unavailable, Dauby nv will make the utmost effort to correct this as fast as possible. Nevertheless, Dauby nv can’t be made responsible for immediate or indirect damages, arisen from use of the information on this website. If you notice any inaccuracies in the information available on the site, please contact the website administrator. The colours of photos can slightly differ from the original product. Through the nature of some of the products in the Pure Fragrance, there is a possibility that there are small differences in colour or shape in the products, other than shown on the photos on the website and in the webshop. All products are made of natural products, which is why we can offer no guarantee on a product 100% similar. The buyer on this website is informed of this, by declaring to agree to the general conditions as described here. Also, the settings and quality of your monitor can play a role in this as well.

4. Prices

All prices mentioned on www.purefragrance.be are in euros, tax included and transportation costs included. Dauby nv reserves the right to modify or correct prices at all times. Dauby nv is not responsible for listed prices that are evidently incorrect, for example because of apparent input errors or misprints, and can correct these even after an order.

Dauby nv reserves the right not to accept an order, without giving a reason. Mentioned discounts are once only and no rights can be derived from this on behalf of later orders.

5. Transportation costs

Every order is free of transportation costs.

6. Orders

After a customer confirmed and sent an order, he or she recieves an automatically generated e-mail with a confirmation of this order. The client can gather from this confirmation if the payment is done or if he needs to arrange this. The client is obliged to check the information on the purchase order and inform Dauby nv of any errors or flaws.

It is possible that an item, shown in the webshop, is sold out. We will inform the customer of this through e-mail or by phone. There are no supply obligations that can be linked to an item being in stock or not.

7. Payment

Payment can be settled the following way: by Multisafepay.

8. Delivery

After Dauby nv received payment, the package will be sent. Delivery will be done within 3 working days in all European countries, unless mentioned otherwise. If the customer refuses de package without giving a reason, transportation costs will be charged to the customer.

9. Right to renunciate – return

The customer has the right to renunciate the sales agreement and/or the deliverd items without payment of fines or without giving a reason. This should be done within 30 days after delivery of the items. Items must be returned in the condition they were received in and may not have been used, else the right to renunciate is not applicable. You can return your product without charge to:

Dauby nv
Uilenbaan 86
B-2160 Wommelgem

10. Risk of shipment

Dauby nv can’t be held liable for theft, loss or damage during shipment through UPS. We package all items in such a way that damage is almost impossible. Every item sent with UPS is provided with a unique barcode, which can be followed online. If the customer has any problems with receiving his package, he or she can always contact the shipping-agent, mentioning this unique barcode.

11. Complaints

Complaints or contestations should be stated within 7 days after delivery, by registered letter subject of forfeiture. In case the complaint is found just our liability is limited to exchange of the items. Any liability of the sales is limited to the amount effectively paid for the order.