Coffee – Dispenser (100ml) with oil


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There’s nothing like the scent of coffee in the morning. The scent of fresh coffee ensures your morning mood vanishes in thin air. But not many people know that it also activates your brain. Let this energy booster transform your livingroom into a refreshing and activating space!

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Indispensable in small rooms
Are you looking for a sophisticated and natural way to make a smaller room smell wonderful? Give this room an elegant accent with the handmade Pure Fragrance scent dispensers. This size fits perfectly in every bathroom, restroom, kitchen, but also in every office or meeting room. Enchant your visitors and respond to their emotions.

3 reasons to choose for these dispensers

  1. This dispenser lasts more than three times as long as other scent dispensers.
  2. You’ll not consume any energy. The Pure Fragrance scent dispensers work completely autonomously.
  3. The scents sticks are made of cotton fibre. This makes sure the scent is dispersed slowly and you’ll determine the intensity yourself.



Dispenser + scented sticks + oil


H74mm x H56mm x D56mm