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“Did you know that you can discern more than 10.000 different kinds of scents?“


Scents for senses: a unique concept

The power of aromachology is the basis of our unique concept. All scents of Pure Fragrance were created to enrich your life or your company. Additionally, we designed various beautiful dispensers. They aren’t just a delight to the eye, but each one is also the embodiment of user friendliness. You’ll enjoy a delicious scent in your livingroom, bedroom, meeting room or office, without having to do anything.

In addition to this, these dispensers are supplied with sticks made of cotton fibre. They absorb the scent and distribute this slowly. The molecules end up in the air and mix with the other airparticles.

Aromachology: let your nose guide you

Aromachology studies the influence of scents on human behavior. This hypermodern science stimulates the brain and responds to feelings and emotions. Scents can cause relaxation, joy, sensuality, happiness and well-being. The right fragrance not only generates various emotions, but also memories that will always remain.

Scents, the most powerful marketing

Did you know that you can discern more than 10.000 different kinds of scents? Scents give you a boost in energy, make sure you feel like doing something and make you feel good in certain places. The right scent can arrange that people have a good time and that your customers buy more. It makes sense that casinos, hotels and clothing stores use scents already for quite some time, to respond to the emotions of their customers and visitors.

Experts in aromachology

Meet the driving forces behind Pure Fragrance.

Annie Van Ingelgem

Chief Executive Officer

Joris Van Herzeele

Marketing Manager

Stephanie Van Mechelen

Marketing Manager

Holger Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Hamet Ba

Logistics Manager

Hélène Willems

Marketing & Copywriting

Marie Garrido

Logistics Manager

Sara Vermeylen

Logistics Manager

Moses Vyizigiro

Account Manager France

Live Hermans

Account Manager Belgium

Bart Eijsackers

Account Manager Export bart@dauby.be

Jelle Gebruers

Research & Development

Luchi Vazquez


Ellen Van Den Broeck

Customer Service

Maud van Praagh

Account Manager Netherlands

Barbora Stefankova

Account Manager Germany

Do you want to be a distributor?

Would you like to distribute the Pure Fragrance scents yourself? Please contact our sales- and marketing team right away. They’ll take care of your request as soon as possible.